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Introducing texmfind

March 1, 2008

During the past months TeX Live has been in ~arch and seems to be working quite well for everybody since I do not receive that much bug reports, and the ones I’ve had are now fixed. However I’ve seen lots of people asking me: “Hey, where do I find the latex package foo ? I need it to compile my latex document.”.
The reason for this is that TeX Live 2007 ebuilds are split into several smaller ebuilds rather than having one single ebuild, like that was the case for teTeX which in the end was very hard to update and forced everybody to have hundreds of TeX packages that they would never use.

For that “problem”, Alexandre ( ‘Untux’ on the forums) has written a very nice script: texmfind. He has collected the list of files from most of TeX packages we have in portage, based on a TeX Live installation, and written a grep wrapper that digs into the data file to give you what package you should install in order to have what file.

For example:

$ texmfind moderncv.cls
dev-texlive/texlive-latexextra [1 file]

Found 1 texmf file in 1 ebuild.

Of course, it is now in portage as dev-tex/texmfind and it comes with a nice man page for a more advanced usage than this toy example.

Now it seems most people have no reason not to switch to TeX Live, and I really recommend everybody to migrate. Moreover, TeX Live should be ready to go stable now and I would really appreciate some feedback from stable users running TeX Live as a TeX distribution instead of teTeX. This can also include filling a stable request on as this will probably ensure that I have not messed up anything with the dependencies and that I’m not mistaken when saying it should be ready to go stable.