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Splitting x264-svn ebuilds

December 7, 2006

There are now two x264-svn ebuilds in ~arch :

media-libs/x264-svn : this one installs the library, headers and pkgconfig files needed by the other packages (for ex. ffmpeg)

media-video/x264-svn-encoder : x264 encoder that was previously installed with x264-svn and a gtk use flag with which you can install a gtk frontend to this encoder.

Why that ? Eh, let’s have a look at it :
– x264 encoder can use gpac for mp4 output
– gpac can use ffmpeg
– ffmpeg can use x264 libs

If you want all of these features, then you hit a circular dependency problem.

Moreover, previously if you wanted to install x264 gtk frontend then would have been linked to x11… why ? I don’t know, it’s not needed. Now this is no longer a problem since they are different packages.